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Dr. Jodi Senk

Dr. Jodi Senk

Dr. Jodi Senk is a dynamic leader, published author, and international presenter, as well as a higher education professional and health and fitness expert with over 20 years of experience. Dr. Senk is currently a professor in the Kinesiology, Dance, and Athletics Division at Rio Hondo College in Whittier, CA and coordinates the Fitness Specialist Certificate Program. Additionally, she was an educational center administrator, providing leadership, supervision, and facility oversight for all operations, staff development, resource management, scheduling, needs assessment and analysis, strategic planning, implementation, and evaluation.

Dr. Senk has had other diverse work experiences as a fitness specialist, researcher, and exercise physiologist during employment with The Traveler’s Insurance, USC School of Medicine, and Saint John’s Health Center, respectively. She has provided proactive health and wellness programs and executive training for professional athletes, doctors, celebrities, and CEOs from companies such as Spelling Productions, RKO Pictures, and The Hearst Foundation.

Her leadership skills include using her coaching, collaborative, and authentic leadership styles to be proactive, build and leverage relationships, and to include colleagues in decisions. In her years of experience in leadership roles, Dr. Senk has a strong intuitive understanding of team cohesion, dynamics, and interpersonal relations to build and lead teams by developing a strong foundation based on trust, transparency, and communication.

Dr. Senk earned her Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University with honors, and has training in areas such as law and dispute resolution, ethics, problem-solving, research, e-learning, organizational behavior, policy development, change management, and strategic planning. She earned both a Master of Arts in Education and Sport Studies and a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from the University of Connecticut. She is a certified health promotion director, strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), personal trainer, TRX facilitator, and yoga instructor. As an experienced athlete, Dr. Senk possesses a competitive spirit and winning attitude and was a member of the nationally ranked Big East Champion UConn softball teams.

Her hobbies include music, theater, and cooking, as well as athletic endeavors such as surfing, downhill skiing, hiking, yoga, pilates, biking, and running, completing 12 half-marathons as well as the 2010 Los Angeles Marathon. She enjoys spending time with her husband, their two dogs (Kia and Monty), frisky felines, and friends and family.

Dr. Kimberly Shediak

Dr. Kimberly Shediak

I’m an entrepreneur, professor, and relentless optimist focused on helping you become exactly who you want to be.

I was the kid who didn’t break apart my Rubik’s cube so that I could get all the colors lined up – I was the kid who solved it. And, I’ve not stopped taking on impossible, beat-your-head-against-the-wall challenges since. I want to help you with yours. And, if I can, I will.

Like you, I have a hunger to live a life of passion, productivity, and fulfillment in all areas. I’m a strategist & problem solver that goes below the surface, diagnoses challenges and prescribes no-nonsense, actionable solutions for areas that matter most in our lives. 

I help people to find their path, achieve their goals, and maintain a healthy work-life integration, from college and beyond. My background includes 17 years of business leadership roles in private, public and small businesses, as well as over a decade of entrepreneurship. My education includes a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Sports Studies from the University of Tampa, MBA in Global Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management, and Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University.

When I’m not working with clients or teaching college courses, I love to travel the world with my husband, frolic with animals, take naps, and laugh uncontrollably.